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Lambe and Associates has been trusted by islanders for more than 35 years.


With expertise in insurance, investments, health plans, and group savings, you can be assured our team of licensed experienced advisors can provide you or your business with sound financial advice.
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As Insurance Brokers, we have access to the top insurance companies in Canada, whether it’s Life, Critical Illness or Disability Insurance, we have the tools and the knowledge to build a personalized plan for you.

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In an ever-changing financial world, let us manage your investments for you. With a variety of different options like TFSA, RRSP, RESP we can help make the most of your money.

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Group Savings & Investments

Are you looking to keep more good employees working for you? Talk to our group savings specialists about setting up a group retirement plan for your employees.

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Group Health Benefits

Let your employees work stress-free. Andy Lambe and Associates is PEI’s leader in group health and dental plans. Sit down with an advisor and let us find an option for your business.

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Corporate Insurance

Is your business set up for the future? Talk to our insurance advisors about making sure your business is covered in the event of an injury or termination of a key person or shareholder. Just like humans are not all the same, neither are businesses.

Your needs are unique.

We don’t just build financial plans; we build financial plans tailored for you or your business.

Whether it’s opening a TFSA or helping you acquire or sell a business, our advisors can help get you on the path for financial success now and protect your assets for the future.

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“It’s been really great working with Andy Lambe & Associates on all my insurance needs. I would have been a wreck had I gone anywhere else but you guys made the experience easy to understand and stress-free, and I’m so thankful to Craig and his team for all their help.”

James From Alberton

“The Team at Lambe Financial took the time to understand my business and personal needs and helped me structure an insurance plan to protect my family and my business interests. They take complex financial concepts and break them down into easily understood ideas.”

Matthew from Charlottetown

“Highly recommend, and have referred many family and friends. I have been dealing with Andy Lambe & Associates since 2008—they have helped me through financial planning, life insurance and investment needs, and continue to. They are my go-to people, and feel like family in their presence, being true to their statement: “You will never be sold on anything. We will always recommend the solution we would take if in your shoes.”

Lela from Charlottetown

“I just want to commend Craig for his exceptional service that he is doing for his clients on behalf of Andy Lambe & Associates. Craig is very prompt answering my questions and concerns and he possesses excellent knowledge to get matters resolved quickly. I appreciate that he takes his clients’ needs seriously. He’s a valuable member of your team. Craig is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend.”

Mitch from Summerside

andy lambe and associates - pei financial planning

Our team specializes in making your money work for you.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, with our team of insurance and investment specialists, group health and savings representatives and certified financial planners, you can be assured the service and advice you receive are second to none.

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